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Monday, May 7, 2012

Symptoms of Old.

Instead of doing a weekend recap (I'll try to do that tomorrow because I am not really in the mood to do an "Adventuresome Tuesday" post this week...) I am going to tell you about this weekend's life changing discovery.   Within the past few days there were at least 10 different occasions that shocked and terrified me...  The bottom line?  All signs are pointed to the fact that I am getting old(er).

Sit down and kick your feet up, because boy do I have a tale to tell.  

First and foremost - I actually enjoyed cleaning!  WHAT'S that?!  {Pretty sure my mom just fell out of her chair.}  Yes. I said it.  I was as horrified when I realized it as I am right now typing it.  I remember the exact moment when I thought "now I understand why Mother thinks cleaning is relaxing." *GASP of horror!*  I was finishing up my room...  The bed was made, the dresser was dusted, cleaned and organized, the bathroom was scrubbed, the desk was semi-clear, and there was only one pile of paperwork on the floor.  I was dusting off some picture frames when my relaxed frame of mind let something so crazy slip out - 'now I understand why...' probably because I am getting old.  That's why.

Secondly, over the past couple days I have had the craziest desire to garden and work in my little yard.  I actually want to cut the grass and groom the bushes.  (Not sure of the terminology - sorry.)  I basically want to go all Edward Scissorhands on my backyard.  And I cannot figure out why!  My plans for tonight?  Home Depot!!  Why?  Because I want to buy some flowers to plant.  Again - really?!  This MUST be an activity that 30 somethings and older really enjoy.  It must be.

I didn't go out for Cinco de Mayo.  Yep.  That's right.  This girl passed up the opportunity to go out with her younger sister and friends for chips, salsa and margaritas.  What did I do instead?  I sat at the family cottage (in the rain) with my parents and a few other older family members talking about politics and healthy food options.  Why?  Duh... This must be an activity that 28 year olds enjoy as they hike to 30... It's really the only reason that makes a tad bit of sense.  

Lastly, as I was cooking dinner last night for my guy, I realized (after sampling a bit of the horribly rotten mozzarella in the fridge) that I needed to make a run to the grocery store.  I grabbed a ball of fresh mozzarella and a bottle of red wine.  I was digging for my ID and the young kid at the check out looked at me and said "I assume you're over twenty-one, right?!" Horrified I stopped digging and looked up at him.  My response "Yes, actually I am rounding 30."  (He didn't need to know I am a month away from 28.)  His response "Wow ma'am, you look good for your age."  Ma'am?  Ma'am!  I know I am in the south but really?  

So with 2 years, 1 month, and 4 days left until I turn 30 - I am realizing I better live it up and enjoy my last few days of being a 'footloose and fancy free twenty-something!'

I am also realizing that there are plenty of perks for getting older - despite the obvious early bird specials, free coffee at McD's, and AARP benefits...   1.  My house may actually stay a bit cleaner.  2.  I may find that I have new hobbies and my yard might look nicer than a neighbors yard one day.  3.  I don't have to wait 2 hours for a table at a delicious Mexican restaurant for a holiday I don't understand when I can get in right away on May 6th.  4.  I may not have to show my ID anymore when buying wine.  "Express Check Out?"  Don't mind if I do!  

The silver lining I suppose.


  1. So... I'm 29. And perfectly okay with it 99% of the time. BUT. Last year, Paul's sister was visiting us- at her ripe age of 21. She turned to me (keep in mind, her brother/my husband and I are the same age, other than a few months) and said "How old are you? 26?" I replied, dryly, "No, I'm 28." She bouncily responded with "Man, you're nearly THIRTY!" I reminded her that she was barely past her teen years... but saying that only succeeded in making me feel older.
    *sigh* Hang in there, Friend.

  2. He called you ma'am?! Oh I hate that! You are not a ma'am. And you're not old! I start to feel that way a lot too, especially since I go to bed at 10:30 (like my parents) and my idea of a fun night is a rented movie and a frozen pizza. I did have a beer on Cinco de Mayo, but it wasn't really planned, and I didn't do it to celebrate Cinco de Mayo, so...

  3. :) ah yes, I think I need to "relax" a bit sometime in the near future. There is some pleasure in dusting and moving from room to room organizing - and each piece of furniture or dusty trinket has a "great story or a fun memory" attached to it. Enjoy these moments...this too changes. Great blog!

  4. OMG Susan, this post made me LOL. I am 31 and totally had the same realizations to turning 30...and I actually enjoy yard work now! PS-dont' tell anyone.


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