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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Dog-Days of Spring!

It is Saturday.  And ladies (and three gent readers) this week kicked-my-butt.  I mean for realz.  It was a doozy.  And now it's Mothers' Day weekend.  I am at the River enjoying my day off before I have to work at the family cafe on one of the busiest days of the year!  Instead of a big long post today - I figured I would break the day down for you in pictures and videos for those who don't follow me on twitter (@jmubenji611), instagram (@2catsandchloe) or facebook (  Ready, Ok!  (Wow... that just sounded kinda cheerleader-ish didn't it?!)

Remember Monday's post where I proclaimed I was getting older and had the desire to plant something?  Here's my new hydrangea!  His name is Hubert but it's pronounced "hew-bear" - courtesy of my sister Leslie.  Don't ask.

Since it was a crap-tastic week Michael surprised me with these flowers and a homemade salmon dinner last night!  Such a wonderful surprise! I typically have to beg him for a note or a card or a flower!  Not this time.  :) 

Now I am sitting at the river.  Enjoying this!  Well... actually that was last weekend.  It's a bit more dreary out today.  Well... not dreary.  Just overcast. 

Now watch this!  "Brown Dog" (real name Madison) will play ball by herself!  I find this amazing, since my border collie is so much more intelligent... why has Chloe yet to figure this out?!

After they swim, they have to dry off...


And now - they sleep.  (pic below courtesy of Leslie - find her on instagram - @be_leslie)

Hope you all have a wonderful Saturday!  xoxo Suz



  1. I hope your today is relaxing and your tomorrow is full of cheery customers and smiling faces!! Happy weekend, and Happy FurMomma's Day! (I don't really say that... but we've got to stick together, right?!?)

  2. Looks like a great day.. Love the flowers!! :)

  3. The picture of him shaking off the water is so cool!!


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