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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Boho Jewels. And the Fabulous Lesley.

It's Thursday.  That means it is my last day in Florida... Sigh.  It's good and bad.  Even though sleeping in a room that does not have a litter box in it has spoiled me, this girl cannot wait to get home to her furbabies!  

I hope you have all thoroughly enjoyed the week of guest posts!  I know I sure have!  (Along with the Florida sunshine!)  I love all these ladies.  BUT - I have a secret fave for you today!  I absolutely adore - wait - ADORE Lesley.  We started out simply commenting on each others' blogs, which lead becoming facebook friends, to long lengthy emails.  Pretty sure we will start texting one day and then meet in Capri, Italy for the first time and then we will become inseparable.  Done and done.     

Anyway - not only is she super pretty, but she is super stylish. She has a great sense of fashion.  She posts inspirational images and quotes.  Oh and she's got some insanely good makeup and beauty tips that, no joke, I think about almost every morning when I apply my bronzer.   Without further adieu - meet Lesley.


Hey all!

I am Lesley and I blog over at My Lively Mind where I write about a crazy bunch of everything.  

Basically my blog features my navigation though this beautiful life and includes ideas for having fun, being healthy, loads of recipes, skincare, beauty, and hair, as well as things I create, my hubby & dogs.  I try to lead a happy life, so why not share it with you.

I would love for you to stop by and say hello!

Also, I am so happy that Susan asked me to guest post for her while she's enjoying the Sunshine State!


Oh, by the way, she is also the one who made my header - isn't it great?! 
I love it.

Another thing I love is jewelry. 
 I have seen some fabulous looking stuff out there but my checking account won't allow me to get it all.  That's ok, but I have decided that for a while {I don't know, maybe a year or two}, all the jewelry I purchase is going to come from individuals.  I love the idea of supporting people who create and craft their own pieces.  I'm tired of the little guy being run in the ground by all these super companies, so I try to avoid them at all costs.  Same with my jewelry now.

I'm trying to become a more self-reliant individual, and although it's been in baby steps, it's going to be worth it.

So without further adieu, here are some of my favorite finds, as of late.


{via} & {via}

{via} {via} {via} {via}


And wait a minute, whose shoppe does this come from you might ask?

 So these are just a few pieces that I have been drooling over on etsy.  May have to pick them up soon and add them to my non-existent summer wardrobe....for now (:

Thanks again, Susan!  I had fun.


Told you she's pretty cool.  She even gave ME a shout out on my own blog.  Talk about marketing!  I will pay you later for that one ;)  Go see her.  And tell her which of her jewelry finds you like the best.  I am a big fan of that awesome ring!  Love love loveee the teal colors!  

As you read this I am probably flying or sitting in an airport making my journey home.  OR - sitting in Hotlanta on a dinner date with a long lost best friend.... the one I rapped for at her wedding.  Yep.  That one.  Chat with you all when I am back in Virginia! xoxo 


  1. Love you Lesley!!! Super cute stuff going on here!

  2. Ooh, these are gorgeous! Lesley seems like a cool gal : ) I'm loving her blog too!

    Um...definitely want to hear more about your rapping skills. That is all : )

  3. lovvvee!! so nice to meet you lesley! fantastic stuff!!


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