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Friday, March 30, 2012

When I Win the Lotto

Before you start reading - let's set this mood... 

So have you jumped on board the lottery madness yet?  Did you stand in line at 7-11 with a bunch of other crazy fools hoping to pick the luck 6 numbers?  Did you pick numbers that were significant to you, your family, or your favorite television channels to watch?  Did you have to go and get cash for the first time in a long time, because you can't play the lotto with credit or debit cards?

Yes.  Yes.  Yes.  And yes!  I have never played the lottery before.  Well, other than scratch tickets, but do they really count?!  With all this hype and the $500 million at stake, why not have a little hope?! I picked my numbers, said a prayer (yes, I prayed that if Jesus wanted me to win, I assured him the money would be used for good, not shoes), and gave the lady my $5 for 5 chances at more money than I can even comprehend.

So - to be fair to you, and to Jesus (remember, I promised him good things with this money, along with a few extra things for myself...) I decided I should share with you what I intend to do with $500,000,000 (look at all those zeroes!) if when I win tonight.  So here we go...

I would get myself, and my immediate family, completely out of debt.

I would invent a housing program for people, like me, who got stuck in crappy loans.  They must continue paying their bills on time, every month, like they have been doing for years.  But I would help them out a bit.  And give them hope. 

I would do something to help local, organic & clean farmers make more food, more available.  We all really should be eating non-processed foods... not Wendy's.

Mission work!  Imagine the possibilities!  I know, right off the bat - money will be going to African orphanages, El Salvador missions, and to help folks domestically in places such as the Appalachia region of West Virginia. 

After working to build a church and then help run the clinic in El Salvador

Too many babys in one crib in the orphanage in El Salvador. 
I would build my dream home, on the water some where, probably local.  This is going to happen, whether I win the lotto or not.  The lottery would just make it happen tomorrow.

I would spend a bit of time in one of those houses over the water in a tropical location.

The Project Glimmer would come back to life.

I would grant one wish/dream for at least 25 of my friends/family.

If I kept my job and didn't start up a huge wedding planning and/or marketing company, I would convert my company from a PC using business to a Mac using business.  iPads and MacBooks for everyone.  

I would hire someone to clean out the litter box.  Daily.  I despise that chore.

My 2 cats & Chloe might get a few new treats, tennis balls, and possibly a bit of catnip.

I would have a few terrific giveaways here on the blog.

I would continue to buy my clothes at Target.

Of course, I would travel.  On and off of mission trips.

I would save money... because the amount you would make on interest yearly is what most people make in one year total.

I would have one heck of a party on the River!

I would do something for my awesome neighbor.  He totally deserves it. 

I would help a girl who went to my high school adopt her second baby from Africa.

I would donate to James Madison University and to Campus Crusade for Christ.  Both made me who I am today.  

I would continue the foundation my family started when my grandfather died.  The Sharing Faith Foundation - helping under priveldge kids go to college and experience new things.

Really folks, the possibilities are endless.  Well... I guess you could say there are about 500,000,000 possibilities.  How surreal would it be to win such a huge chunk of change?!  Again, I can't even comprehend it.  I just pray that if I don't win (there's always a chance ya know!) that whoever wins this money is deserving and doesn't spend it all in one place.  Good luck everyone! 


  1. i love dreaming of things to do when i win the lotto too! i should have done a post like this!
    email me about project glimmer. i saw that you used to have it on your blog but it's not there anymore. i should have checked it out then!

  2. I'm right there with you girl. There is so much good to be done in the world and given the money to do it, I would do all I could. Good luck girl! Here's hoping that one of the more deserving people wins this one and definitely pays it forward.

  3. Wow-this actually brings tears to my eyes!! In 15 minutes the numbers will be called out - if it isn't you that wins, I do hope and pray that the person or persons who do win have as generous and loving a heart as you do. I know that everything you said you would do, because your heart is always in those same places. You are an amazing woman and an amazing daughter!!

  4. Sounds awesome! Love your fantastic ideas - I think if the lottery were a contest that picked the person with the best plans for what to do with the money, you would totally win. I love (love LOVE) that you would continue to shop at Target : ) I don't know that, even with all the money, I'd be able to give up Goodwill - the prices are just too good.


  5. I LOVE your list.... I didn't buy a ticket.. I guess I just couldn't deal with the let down when I lost.. LOL but if I had bought one and I had won my list would be very similar to yours.. You have a good heart :)

  6. Nothing makes your mind wander like the thought of money.

    / Avy


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