Pinteresting Wednesday!

Since yesterday I brought you a post about something I found on pinterest and actually did (!!! hooray right?!!!) I figured I might as well follow the trend.  Change is overrated anyway… :)

Sooo many of the lovely ladies I follow partake in a weekly Wednesday Link-up with The Vintage Apple called Oh, how Pinteresting!  I decided peer pressure was definitely the way to go with this, and jumped on board.

So here we go!  My first Pinteresting Wednesday!  Hope you like what you see!

I absolutely CANNOT wait to make those delicious treats above!  (I mean, really, I bought the supplies last night – as soon as work is over today, I will be making them.)  But with a twist!  A Paleo Twist!  Almond Butter rather than Peanut Butter.  And of course, dark chocolate!  Mmmm. 
As long as we are already talking paleo – I was pretty thrilled to find this 2 week meal plan.  This girl has done all the planning, even the grocery list prep!  All I have to do is cook and eat!  So easy even a caveman could do it! (Pun totally intended.) 
Purple Vintage Plum and Gold wedding inspiration!  No, I am not getting married.  But a girl can dream right?  (Oh, yeah, and I am a wedding planner on the side.)  Do you think this is to JMU-y??  I think it’s beautiful!
Definitely wish I was wearing that cute outfit!  This girl is ready for spring and summer!  C’mon sunshine!
Realtors, look out!  You may be finding these in your offices!  My plan is to scratch the teacher part and say “I need s’more of your business” … Nothing like bribing you with chocolate for your home warranties! :)  Such a cute idea!  
Okay kids!  That’s it for me today!  Thanks to Jessica and Lesley for inspiring me to do this!  Also thanks to The Vintage Apple for hosting!  xoxo  
  • Jamie

    I love that Smore bag idea!

  • Kristina

    Banana and chocolate plus PB, YUMMM and that outfit is super cute too.

  • Leslie

    Love that outfit, and I think I’m going to be trying that 2 week meal plan!! :)