Weekend Recap: Burritos, Babies, Jesus, Pinterest, Zombies

Are you ready for another weekend recap?  No?!  Shall I tell you a joke first?  Okay… Just for you… the one reader who is not ready for my weekend recap.  Here’s your joke:

Did you hear about the Circus fire?
It was intense.

Don’t get it?  Say it out loud.  :)  I pretty much use this joke on a daily basis.  And I make Michael “laugh” at it every time.  
Okay – on to the recap!  
I ended up calling in sick for half of Friday.  I was a hot mess.  My body just seems to be physically and mentally drained after being sick and exhausted.  This led to me crying.  A whole lot.  Which is never fun.

So then my mom and I went desk chair shopping.  Which you will see more of later this week!  Because boy was it a good time.  Until we yelled at the Office Max clerk when she got our hopes up and popped them like a sheet of bubble wrap on a boring day…

Because my mom felt bad for me, and probably because she wanted me to basically just stop crying, she decided to help me organize!  We started working on my closet project!  
I found this on pinterest:


And decided I wanted to do something similar in my tiny townhouse’s dark hallway.  A bench was my first thought, like the picture above, but I am pretty sure a dresser or something will be the most efficient.  A girl’s gotta keep her craft stuff somewhere right?!  Stay tuned!
When she left around 10:45 pm I realized I had not eaten dinner yet, so I popped some popcorn and finished off a dark chocolate bar filled with joy, love, and peace.  

I woke up early Saturday morning to trek up to Richmond, Virginia.  It is about a 2 hour drive provided there is no traffic or crazy weather.  A couple of my awesome college friends, Chris and Katie, are preparing for their first child.  Kinsley’s due date is March 1.  So my other college friend, Christen, and I decided we would make them some freezer meals!  Things they can eat right away, or hold off until all the casseroles and spaghetti from family and friends ease off.  
We made my famous, award winning chicken chili, some teriyaki chicken for the crock pot, breakfast burritos, and dinner burritos!  Here’s hoping they love burritos! 

When it started snowing in Richmond, I took that as my cue to head home.  Which was probably a mistake.  It snowed all.the.way.home.  Wait, I take that back.  I out drove the snow.  Then I stopped to see my boyfriend (who lives an hour away from me) for seriously, only 5 minutes.  And the snow caught back up!!  And then it started Thunder Snowing.  THUNDER AND LIGHTNING WITH SNOW.  I had no clue this was even possible.  NO CLUE!  (I still need to tell you about that time I was struck by lightning, don’t I?)  After almost 4 hours of driving, I made it home.  And it stopped snowing five minutes later.

Saturday night I made this.  And pinned it.  And it went viral.  28 repins in 8 minutes!  Who knew?!


I woke up Sunday morning to the sound of crazy wind hitting my window.  After flipping on the news, only to hear about Whitney Houston I decided a cup of hot tea was necessary.  {By the way – here’s my two cents about Whitney.  I hope you don’t mind if I rant.  Is there absolutely nothing better to talk about for hours than the death of a drug addicted singer?  Sure, maybe she didn’t die of an overdose.  The jury isn’t back on that yet.  But when we have soldiers dying in Iraq and we rarely hear their names and stories on the news, why do we continue to focus on one famous person after the next and their drug adventures and mishaps?  Yes – she had an awesome voice.  I will fully support that fact.  I remember blasting her tunes in the van with my mom as a kid.  But seriously.  What does this teach people?  Become a crazy good singer (or reality star), get addicted to something, make it public, go crazy, and you will make millions…. then when you die, people will love you even more.  Sigh.  Okay, done ranting.  Sorry.}
Half way through my cup of tea I got a text message from Katie.  Yep.  The same Katie I cooked food for on Saturday.  She had her baby!!  Two and a half weeks early!!  And then I got this photo text.  
CUTEST BABY EVER.  Let’s be honest, they don’t all come out looking cute.  This one is adorable!!  I can’t wait to meet little Miss Kinsley soon!
Oh, and we got about this much snow…. 

And then I wore my boots to church.  
Church was great.  My roommate invited me to go to her church.  It was one of those morning’s when you know you’re exactly where you’re supposed to be.  The sermon was about Jesus’s love for us, and our love for each other.  
The craziest part?  Before church I was playing around with photoshop.  I decided I was going to make a printable with the Jesus Love’s Me verse on it.  (My grandfather had us sing this to him when he was sick with cancer.  We later sang it at his funeral.  Still hits home.)  10 minute into the singing at church, I was floored, and feeling the vapors, when they started singing “Jesus Loves Me.”  
At the end of the sermon the pastor stressed that as Christians we should all be praying for each other.  And that we should tell people when we are in need prayers.  Then he asked for people with financial problems to stand; those in need of a job, so we could pray for them.  I am having financial run-ins right now.  But I didn’t feel like my housing issues put me on the same level as those without an income at all.
Then he asked for those with health issues to stand so we could pray for them.  I thought about it.  Because boy have I wanted those prayers.  But again, I didn’t feel like crazy stomach issues put me on the same playing field as those with cancer.  Ya know?
I know… it’s silly right?  Maybe I couldn’t stand up in a huge church.  But here I am.  Asking you, my awesome readers, for prayers.  My housing drama has caused way to many tearful nights, along with a level of stress I have never experienced before.  I believe the stress and anxiety from that is causing my stomach issues.  Please pray for these things to be resolved, and that God will give me peace and rest with both.  
Being at church for today’s sermon was awesome.  My roommate called it a “God-vention.”  I knew I was supposed to be there.  And I needed that reminder that even though my mortgage company doesn’t care about me, and even though our government doesn’t help people like me who have been doing the right thing, Jesus cares.  Heck, he more than cares.  He loves me.  :) 
So what was I reminded of this weekend?  Love.  Friends, family, burritos, babies, Jesus, Pinterest, desk chairs, Zombie Cards.  All of it.  Oh, didn’t I mention it?  My boyfriend sent me an e-card Sunday night.  Sweet right?!  

When I saw the email I was expecting some cute, romantic Valentine e-card.  Haha!  Not sure what I was thinking!!  Then I opened it up… Yeah… that’s my boyfriend.  Mister Romance!  :)  I’m pretty sure if he was a zombie, I would have to end our relationship.  Zombies terrify me.  Glad to hear I would be last on the chopping block when it comes to the apocalypse though!  LOL!  <3
Happy Monday ya’ll!  Let’s make it a productive week full of love!

PS.  Thanks for reading my longest blog post ever.  Love you readers!   
  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/14990442292393696689 Jenn

    Basically I just wanted to let you know I read all of this, and, in summary, here’s what I learned: 1) thunder snow exists; 2) pinterest solves problems and makes people stop crying : ); 3) so does chocolate (as if I didn’t already know that); 4) they have zombie apocalypse Valentine’s Day cards : )



  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/10093678995653714452 – Lesley

    I love this post for so many different reasons!
    Everything will work out, one way or the other.
    Totally agree about Whitney Houston, too.
    I hope you feel better soon!!!