Flip Flops to Snow Boots! Oh My!

Today I wore flippies.

Tomorrow I will have to wear eskimo boots.
(I totally wish I had boots like those above – but other than tomorrow, I would have no reason to ever wear them!  They look pretty sweet though don’t they?!) 
It was unconditionally warm here in Virginia today!  81 degrees!  So of course I was wearing a tank top and flip flops as I serviced my accounts and began to pack my stuff.  Thank you so much for bearing with my this week as my blog post have been… well… not so stellar in my personal opinion.  There’s that tiny bit of added pressure because so many of you are new readers!  I promise the best is yet to come.  But for right now, I am in the midst of a crazy work schedule because I am flying to Denver for a week of meetings at our corporate office.  (Why corporate can’t be located in the Bahamas is beyond me!)
I will try to keep you posted on my goings-on in Denver!  I will have two laptops and my ipad with me, so let’s stay connected, okay?
I am going to leave you with a little Rocky Mountain quote since I will be enjoying their awe and beauty tomorrow afternoon…
– I expected the Rocky Mountains to be a little rockier than this…
– I was thinking the same thing.  That John Denver’s full of s%#t! 
Name that movie – it’s one of my faves!  :)  xo 
PS.  Prayers for safe travels, great business meetings, and no temperatures below 30 degrees are highly encouraged!  Have a great weekend!  
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