Saturday in Williamsburg!

Hello Friends!  Are you ready for a weekend Saturday recap with a TON of pictures?  Good.  Then you are in the right place at the right time.  Love it when that happens, don’t you?!

I am proud to say that I took all of my photos in manual mode this weekend!  Hooray right?  I decided it was time to learn and practice.  So the photos you are about to encounter may or may not have the awesome blur effect that I will be known for as a not-so-pro photog.  Practice makes perfect though, so bear with me. :)

Saturday Michael and I went to Williamsburg, Virginia for the day!  It was nice to spend more than five minutes together.  Let me walk you through our day…

This is the guy that I hung out with all day!  Cute right?
He was so nice to give me some photography lessons in “Suz Terms.”  I really need to take time to visualize what buttons do what, and when to do what to get the exact image I am looking for… tricky.

Our first stop was at the Williamsburg Winery.  We did the $10 tour and tasting, which took about an hour.  We got to taste 7 delicious wines and some delicious gouda cheese!

See… blurry.  Gotta work this little issue out… 

Did you know one barrel yields 300 bottles of wine?!  Crazy right?!  Did you also know that you can purchase these barrels for only $75?!  I got so excited when I heard that.  Think of the craft projects!  And then she said there was a 5 year wait list for one of these suckers.  Lame.

Since we were so impressed by the gouda cheese, and our dinner reservations weren’t until 8:30pm, we headed to the colonial area and visited the Cheese Shop!  

For $20 we got a cheese plate for two and one glass of wine for me! :) 

I really do love cheese. 

I made sure the brie was scraped clean!

After the cheese we wandered around the downtown area.  Again, killing time and enjoying the scenery.

Oh and being tourists… even if we are only 20 minutes from home.  Mike refused to let me take a picture of him doing this.  Silly boys.

I learned that manual mode, in the evening, without a tripod isn’t the easiest thing.  But I do like this picture below.  See the stars in the sky?

We sat on this bench, like an old couple for about 30 minutes. 

Then we wandered around the William and Mary campus.  I felt old.  And I missed JMU.  And being a screamy college freshman.  Then I realized I was happy not screaming to get boys’ attention and all was well again.

Finally it was time for dinner!  I did a little costume change in the car since we were going to a fancy dinner!  Time to put on nice pants and some heals!  I wish I had a picture of us without our coats on… we looked nice!  Mike actually wore khakis and a button down!  Gasp!  I know! 

We started at the bar and I decided a cocktail was in order, since we never ever do this!  I got the Almond Joy!  It was delicious!

You know it’s a fancy joint when your waiter leaves this on your table for you… 

Dinner was good, but not excellant.  I hate to say that, but it’s true.  I also hate to spend a lot of money on dinner, but Michael said it was okay and that he was treating.  So when we are spending $30 – $45 a plate, I expect fireworks!  The presentation was excellent!  We had told them that we were going to split the two meals and they actually divided them up in the kitchen and made them look pretty on both of our plates!  That impressed me.  But the food… meh.  Good thing the company was awesome.

All in all, it was a great Saturday!  I hope I haven’t bombarded you with too many pictures!  :)

Come back tomorrow because I will be announcing a new giveaway!  If you like jewelry you will like this giveaway!  I promise!  :)  Happy Monday Friends!  xoxo

  • Jenn @ PSP

    You are joking me! I was in Williamsburg this weekend! Totally going to this restaurant next time, though! Crazyyy : )


    • Susan

      We could’ve walked RIGHT PAST EACH OTHER!!! Holy cow!! We should coordinate our schedules a bit better 😉 It would be cool to have some kind of blogger meet-up in Virginia. I have read a lot about the ones out west and have been a bit jealous. Maybe we need to grow our blogs more with people from our state… then we can plan a party in Williamsburg! :)

  • Lesley @ my lively mind

    This looks like a super fun day! So happy you two were able to do that.
    I wish I lived closer…a meet up would be great!

    • Lesley @ my lively mind

      Oh, and fabulous work on the manual mode. The pics turned out great!

  • Stephanie

    Hi there! Love your blog! I am soooo wantng a wine barrel. And that price is great!! Come take a peek at my blog hope you see whatcha like:).