Sparkly Super Hero Toms

Yesterday was my first day of food poisoning freedom.  FREEDOM from the ball and chain (aka the bathroom!)  The pains and poisoning finally left me and I was ready to see the world, enjoy the sunshine, and wear my brand new Toms.

What?  I forgot to tell you about my Toms?  My brand, sparkly, new Toms?!  Let me just tell you… it was not love at first sight.  My intent when ordering my sparkly Toms was to get them in Ivory.  After paying $8 in shipping they showed up on my door step in “Wedding White.”  FAIL.  I still swear it wasn’t my fault and that I ordered Ivory – but my screen capture, receipt and confirmation email all confirm I was wrong.

I didn’t want Wedding White Toms.  I wanted Ivory Toms.  But I already paid for them.  And I would have to pay $10 to ship them back.  That’s almost $20 just in shipping for shoes I wouldn’t even own!  Then I realized that when/if I ever get married, Sparkly Wedding White Toms are probably going to be exactly what I’ll be wearing under my dress.  Sooo… you’re gonna think I’m crazy… but I packed them back in the box and put them under my bed just in case I tie the knot one day.  Then I ordered Ivory ones.

The Ivory Toms arrived last week.  And it rained.  Every day.  Then I got food poisoning.  And I spent a day or so lying in bed looking at my Toms just waiting to be worn.

Yesterday was the day!  I was finally healthy, the ground was dry, and I had errands to run.  And my Toms came with me!

First we went to Target. 
 And found a fun mirror on the gift wrap aisle…

Then we had to find new rugs for my bathroom.  After 5 years it’s time to replace them.  (I guess it took a good bout with food poisoning to make me actually notice the rugs in my bathroom!)
Sparkly Toms and I were shocked that nice bathroom rugs can cost $40!!

Then we found several that were less that $20.  There’s still hope!

After getting the bathroom decor situation taken care of, we moved on to Valentine’s goodies!  “You otter be my valentine!”  Hint Hint Boyfriend… Valentine’s Cards are always nice.  

After Target we headed to the grocery store.  Pretty sure Sparkly Toms are good at finding hot deals.  $3.24 for a block of brie?  Don’t mind if I do!  

We waited in line with the millions of other Sunday afternoon shoppers. 

After unpacking the groceries we took a walk around the block to enjoy the sunshine, and the sparkles that sparkled off my Toms.

We chased our shadows…

…but avoided stepping in the ugly brown winter grass to protect the clean white beautifulness of these shoes.

And then… after cooking some homemade mushroom and brie soup, I started to wilt.  So we sat down and kicked our sparkles up on an ottoman, and enjoyed a bowl of soup.

All in all, I decided I felt like a super hero with these sparkly shoes.  Not really sure why.  But half way through Target, with my pants rolled up just a bit to show them off, I decided that if I ever become a super hero, forget the cape – all I will need are Sparkly Toms.

I just hope that there are two kids somewhere in Africa rocking a Wedding White and an Ivory pair of sparkly Toms feeling like they can now take on the world with their brand new sparkly super hero shoes.  The thought makes me smile. :)

  • LindsayNicole

    Hey Miss! So I couldnt find your email which is why I am writing this as a comment. I just wanted to say THANK YOU so much for your kind words the other day about my diagnosis. It seriously touched me so much and I am so grateful for people like you. I would definitely love to have you as a reference to ask questions about this to. Thanks so much again.



  • Kaci

    This post is so creative! I loved seeing your first outing with your new Toms :)

  • Yara Simón

    Food poisoning is the absolute worst. I got it for the first time last year, and I was so miserable. I didn’t think I’d ever feel normal again. I hope you are enjoying all you couldn’t do during that time.

  • SoPhY B

    love toms shoes!! i have 3 pairs that i just got for my birthday… and i have a $50 gift card and can’t decide which ones to get!!! ekkkk….. oh and ur golden retriever is so cute! i have one too! named Button … :)