Reader comments make me giddy!

Raise your hand if you have seen the movie “Julie & Julia.”  (My hand is up, a couple of times.)  Let’s be real, it’s not the best movie ever, but it is super cute in the girly movie kinda way.  To summarize:  the “lost” twenty-something is looking for something bigger and better outside of her cubicle where she has little control over her job. The well established, hilarious adult is just looking for something more, even if she doesn’t quite fit the mold.  Add a cute guy, a blog, a couple living lobsters, a few witty comments and you have quite the chick flick.  Need a refresher?  Watch the clip below!

As I was rewatching this movie last weekend on the channel infamous for cheesy drama, Lifetime, I found myself relating to Amy Adam’s character quite a few times.  You know… things like how her circle of friends is beginning to change, how her boyfriend thinks she is slightly crazy for doing a blog, and how she loves to spend time in the kitchen even though sometimes it feels like yet another job.  My favorite part of her blogging adventure is when she gets her first comment from a reader.  *Spoiler Alert* …that reader turned out to be her mother!  (Apparently I am not the only one who feels like comments from mothers are great, but they just don’t count for some reason!)  This scene is later followed up with her jumping for joy because she has a real comment and real followers.

For some silly reason reader comments on my blog just make me absolutely giddy!  No offense to my mom, my friends, and my family, but especially comments from strangers!  That means someone has found my little plot of cyberspace and actually took some time to read what I had to say! AMAZING!

Last weekend I was at a friend’s house when my iPhone alerted me that I had a comment.  I almost dismissed it, figuring it was my mom, surfing the internet on a friday night and commenting on my latest project. To my surprise, I did not recognize the name!  A stranger!  A real life stranger!  Woooooo!  I read the comment, pondered it a bit, then realized it was my boyfriend’s friend just leaving a smart aleck comment.  Sigh.  Not quite a stranger, but the silver lining?  He’s still someone outside of my family!  (Thank’s Patrick!)

A couple of days later I linked up with for her p52 photo project.  The theme was resolution.  One of my resolutions is to exercise and another is to grow my blog.  The day after I posted my resolution photo I got yet another reader comment email alert.  I tried to not get too excited, but guess what!  I have no clue who the reader is!!!  SUCCESS!  I have been blogging for a couple of years and I have never had a stranger comment on my blog! Wooooo-eeeeee!!  You can’t to begin how happy her eleven words made me!  And then, linking up with her on Saturday again only provided me with stranger comments!  6 of them actually!  I was a happy girl!! 
2 cats & chloe is my place to be me.  My place to be creative.  My place to get away from work.  I have been blogging, on and off, for a couple of years.  In college it was my escape from studying.  After college it was my way of documenting my adventures and keeping track of my memories.  I never tried to grow my blog, it was just for me.  I love the concept of writing about whatever I want and not trying to fit into a certain blogger mold.  And that’s what I hope to continue to do, in addition to hopefully upping some readership with my witty banter.  
I realized that for me, blogging = joy.  It does sometimes feel like work.  Often times it’s a lot of work.  Who wants to wrap up a full time job and life and pets (no kids yet for me!), only to go and sit in front of a computer for a couple of hours.  What I am learning though, the more I get into blogging, the more it makes me happy.  I don’t have a job that allows me to be creative.  I sell what I am told to sell with the marketing supplies I am provided.  This site let’s me be creative or silly or rambly or crafty or healthy or whatever it is that I am feeling at that moment.  Whether my readership goes up or down, I still love my tiny tiny blog. 
It’s always nice to know that someone is reading though… keep on commenting! :)  (and go ahead and “follow” while you’re at it! Click the Google friend connect if you use google reader, the RSS box, or just enter your email address and I will take care of the rest!) 
Do you have a blog?  Do you love it as much as I love mine?  Does it feel like work sometimes?  Do reader comments still make you giddy? Any blogger tips you have I would love to hear them!