Phase One of Don’t Become A Hoarder

Treasures!  I found absolute treasures!  Before you judge me, remember how the saying goes: One man’s trash is another’s treasures.  And boy did I find some treasures!

As my resolution post stated, 2012 will be the year I de-clutter.  Or at least give it a good shot.  I can’t promise you the world, but I really do want to give this a fighting chance.  Today I started small.  I decided to tackle a bag and a box of stuff that my mom wanted out of her house.  I moved out ten years ago, but I still had some stuff in my closet and in my bathroom.  Time to clear it out before she threw it out!

I started with jewelry boxes.  You know, those ones from when we were all kids… goodness only knows what we used to define “pretty” then.  I am so thankful my taste in jewelry has changed.  Although, Michael would probably prefer it if buying me a mood ring would be enough to rock my world!

I started with my musical jewelry box.  Despite the fact that the ballerina’s skirt has begun the dry rotting process and no longer stays on her, the box still plays “Somewhere over the Rainbow!”  I also went through a couple other boxes with kittens on them.  Yes, I was that girl.

Okay, maybe the saying should be rewritten… Some of one man’s trash should, and definitely is, everyone else’s trash too.  I found my retainer from elementary school!  Whoa trash pile!  However, some of the other treasures I found I had a hard time parting with.  I mean, come on… a troll ring, the Babysitter’s Club official necklace, a smily face with a santa hat necklace, and a golden horse necklace that came from a book about a golden horse necklace!  These things are all classics!  Should be worth millions of dollars right?!

As you see below, I did set aside quite a bit to give to the thrift store.  I just couldn’t justify tossing things that some little kids may absolutely love.  Yes, that is a rabbit’s foot you see in there… Who in the world decided that would be cool?  So gross.

Okay, now for the REAL treasures I found.  I was so excited about this find that I barged into my roommates room to show her!

I found this cute, pink, flowery box with a broken lock on it.  Either my little sister was really good at breaking into secured, cardboard boxes with cheap plastic locks on them, or I simply lost the key and broke into it myself.  Inside I found a wad of old papers.

My cousin and I have always been close despite the fact that we have ALWAYS lived on separate continents.  Before the days of the internet, emailing, and blogging (oh yes, and I am watching her son grow up via skype) we wrote letters and mailed pictures to each other.  The joy I have in the fact that I found 38 letters from her is astonishing!  According to the international stamps they date all the way back to August 7, 1990.  LOVEEEE thissss!!

Even when computers became popular we still snail mailed each other letters.  I love how she probably worked so hard typing this letter up, only to color in all of the circles and handwrite some more on the paper. :)  I also love that she talks about how proud she was that I saved $20 to come visit her in Switzerland!  Ha!

I think this is the coolest thing.  I am going to have to create a book or something with them.  I would hate to lose these again!  It really made me think though, in the future, it won’t be nearly as cool to sift through thousands of emails to see what we rambled about.  And when I say “sift” I mean Gmail Search “Kirsten.”  I am pretty sure I will begin writing letters to her again…. just to have letters to find and read again when I am sixty.  
Wonder if she has a stash of “Suz Letters” stuck in a box somewhere…..
  • Chelsea

    Ahhh…that’s so sweet. It *almost* makes me want to go through an old box of mine. Love the troll and the Babysitter’s Club necklace…brings back great memories! Just missing your NKOTB paraphernalia!