Impulse Shopping with your Boss-Lady!

I am a sales rep, which pretty much means I work alone most of the time.  I spend my work hours doing reports or lead generation at my computer (which is currently in my bedroom right next to the kitty litter box – not the best for productivity!), driving around town visiting realtors, real estate social events or in real estate office sales meetings.  I am blessed (some days it may be a curse though) to work with my mom every now and then… but for the most part I am riding solo, just like the hip-hop song.

Last week I was lucky enough to join forces with another “Suz” of sorts.  Whether you go by Suz, Suzanne, Susan, or Suzy, whenever there are more than two together, things happen.  We rocked out a few appointments, a huge realtor kick off, and some work stops around town.  After two full days of working together though, we needed to swing by Target for just a simple table cloth (for her).

For me, Target is typically a recreational thing… or a form of therapy.  It depends on the day.  I know the departments and I usually stay up on what’s new.  Am I proud to admit the fact that I spend my free time aimlessly wandering around Target?  No.  Do I spend Friday nights there?  Not anymore.  Do I spend to much money on their inexpensive yet totally adorable sweaters even though I have a few of them already in my closet?  All-The-Time.  But hey, it could be worse.  At least I am not spending all my time and money at the Coach Factory Store or Tiffany’s. :)

In order to get to the table cloth section you have to walk through the bedding section, or so we told ourselves.  You would think, that as someone who is so marketing and sales driven, I wouldn’t let something like an aisle end cap stop me in my tracks.  But it did.  And I stopped.

Folks, I highly recommend you say no to impulse shopping, especially in this economy.  BUT if a blanket as soft as a new lamb’s wool that heats up as it hugs you to sleep like you’re in a cozy cocoon is the item that grabs your attention – YOU STOP and YOU PURCHASE. Immediately.

Forget the end cap, I am going to convence you:  You NEED this and your WANT this.  You pretty much HAVE to HAVE this blanket.  Of course Suzanne was no help in talking me out of this impulse purchase.  She actually convinced me to purchase a quilt and sheets to go along with it!  
Last night, before I climbed into bed, I opened up my new bedding and made my bed up nicer than it’s been made in several weeks.  New dark purple sheets, a soft (read – heavenly) electric blanket, and a sage green quilt.  (The quilt Suzanne and I bought is getting returned, so for now, my old green one will do the trick!) I climbed into bed and turned on the blanket and felt like I was laying in a bed at a spa!  It was just so warm and cozy!  
I was gmail chatting with my boyfriend for a couple of hours.  Around 1AM I woke up to a text message ringing on my iPhone.  “WHERE ARE YOU?!”  Apparently I was so incredibly relaxed I passed out in the midst of typing a message to him!  HA!  
I slept like a baby last night!  And not one of those babies that is still trying to master the whole ‘sleep through the night’ thing.  I slept sooooo well!
If you get anything out of this long and rambly blog post here’s what you should walk away with:
1.  Impulse shopping isn’t always bad
2.  Shopping with your boss can lead to larger Target expenses than when shopping alone
3.  Never shop with two Suz’s
5.  Did I mention it was on sale?!  $45 off the original price! 
6. What are you waiting for – Go.Get.It.Now!