I live in Hampton Roads.  Which is about 1.5 to 2 hours from Richmond, Virginia depending on which side of the water you start your journey on.  Most of my dearest college friends live in Richmond.  A couple of weekend ago (yes, I am super behind on writing this post) I drove up to RVA for Katie’s baby shower.  While mingling at her party I overheard numerous conversations from nicely dressed ladies about the J. Crew Warehouse Sale that was going on across town.

“It’s crazy, but you will get great deals!”

“Not worth your time unless you want to dig…”

“I got a swimsuit for $3!!”

“Not a place for pregnant ladies.”
As the shower was wrapping up the curiosity was starting to get the best of me.  I looked over at my friend Caitlyn (who mightttt start writing something awesome for this blog once a week!) and said “So about this J. Crew thing…”  Her response: “I was there a couple days ago, but I’m in!!”
All I can say is Holy J.Crew!!  This was not what I was expecting.  Although, to be fair, I don’t really know what I was expecting.  It was rows and rows and rows and rows of boxes overflowing with clothes!  People were carrying around giant trash bags.  You know, those ones that you dig out in the fall to put all the leaves in from your yard?  Yeah, those.  
The second I walked in I began to feel a bit overwhelmed.  Where do you start?  What do you look for?  Does that have a hole in it?  Is that girl half naked in the middle of this old Borders Bookstore?!?!  Ooooo that sparklesssss!
Want to add a bit more pressure to this experience?  We had to HURRY because Michael was on his way to Richmond.  My plan was to basically squeeze an entire warehouse experience into 30 minutes… tops.  Which meant Caitlyn and I hit the turbo button and zoomed through many “boxen” of clothes.  That is until I saw something that sparkled and we were forced to stop what we were doing and go examine the glittery apparel.  
Imagine the clock ticking… you need a strategy and you need it fast!  We hunted and gathered, then sorted!  Caitlyn would hold the dresses up and I would literally leap into them!  Here is a quick photo montage for you, courtesy of my iPhone! 
Pretty sure that is a size “tiny” wedding dress that I just stuck my arms through and twirled around in for a minute or two!

No, bright colors aside, these are not 80s prom gowns.

My trash bag full of possible items…

The dress was cuter in the trash bag.  And I loved the sweater… not gonna lie.  It was heavy and funky and $20.  It was the kind of sweater you can picture yourself wearing while sitting next to a nice fire with a glass of wine and a bowl of chili.  Sadly it had a gaping hole in the right shoulder.  Yes, I could have fixed it but for $20… it just wasn’t worth it. 
I made it through the hunting, gathering, sorting, and decision making phase of the event and then rushed into the first line.  The calculation line.  They used a check list, taped up my bag and sent me on my way to the check out line. 

I walked away from this crazy shopping spree with a worn out looking, orange-ish baseball shirt, because let’s be real, I will never get tired of baseball shirts.  (And it was only $5.)  I got a swimsuit for a whopping $6!  And I purchased a sparkly gold sweater for just $15.  Done and doneeee. 
A special thank you and shout out goes to the delightful Caitlyn.  Thank you for reminding me to write this post and share this tale.  I can’t wait for our next virtual coffee date!  iLove! :)

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    jealous! that sounds like a fun adventure.