Helloooo Rainy Monday Rambles!

First and foremost, I feel pretty bad about not having posted at least ONE paleo recipe last week.  I sincerely apologize from the bottom of my paleo lovin’ heart.  However, I got some mad crazy page hits on my Everything But the Kitchen Sink Paleo Quiche post this past week.  Pretty sure that is thanks to my sister’s dear friend Bailey who has also “gone paleo” and posted it all over facebook.  And let me tell you – this girl gets mad props from me.  You all know my goal is to lose 16 pounds this year, and that’s probably as open and honest about my weight that I fully intend to be with y’all.  But Bailey, she deserves a million high fives because she has posted her weight and goals all over facebook.  The amount of support that seems to appear on her page is amazing!  Keep it up girl.  You are braver than me, but we are all in this together! :)

Anyway – I plan to post two (2) paleo posts this week, in hopes of making up for the one that was MIA from last week.  Stay tune and GET EXCITED!  :)

So, how was your weekend?  Mine was crazy, stressful, tearful, fun, relaxing, profitable possibly?  Friday night was spent crunching numbers and crying – I mean pretty much sobbing with that ugly cry face as I attempted to figure out my adjustable rate, interest only mortgage.

I will save you from the boring details, don’t worry.  The tears stopped but the emotions and stress lasted throughout the weekend.  (Last night I was up until 3:45 AM praying and thinking and chatting it up with the Big Guy about my future.  You know the best part about that?  My brain felt sooo much clearer this morning.  Thanks Jesus.)

Oh I worked this weekend too!  Meaning fun, creative juices required, kind of work!  I had a bridal appointment and booked the job!  I am pretty excited to knock out some lemon & lime themed wedding invitations and seek out themed photos on pinterest tonight.  Have you ever been to a lime green and yellow wedding before?  I have not.  But I am excited to help plan it!

Yesterday morning, after a cut throat round of giant checkers with the boyfriend, I ate a huge, slightly non-paleo breakfast at Cracker Barrel.  I asked Michael to take a picture of me in my near death state.  I seriously felt like I was going to implode.  Being the good boyfriend that he is, he did not take the photo.  More than likely he would’ve used it for evil, not good.  If the photo had been taken I probably would’ve posted it on here.  I LOVED eating those biscuits with the delicious sugary apple butter.  But after 21 days of no sugar or grains, goooood lord that was not a good idea.  Moral of that story: You are what you eat.  And for just five minutes, I loved my identity as a Cracker Barrel biscuit.

So I did what ever kid does after a crazy sugar high – I crashed for the rest of the afternoon.  I drifted in and out of sleep, nestled up in my cozy electric blanket.  I watched some movies.  Enjoying only classic flicks such as “Kindergarten Cop” and “Wedding Crashers.”  And I avoided my chores at all costs.  

In other news, I got a shout out on one of my must-read-ever-day-because-it-will-make-you-laugh-so-hard-you-forget-about-your-troubles-and-might-even-pee-your-pants favorite blogs!  Living In Yellow is an awesome blog.  If you’re not reading it yet, you really should be.  The girl is hilarious.  And she owns glitter Toms.   Need I say more?

All in all, it was a good, busy weekend.  Tell me about yours?  Were you one of the lucky folks who got pretty snow instead of gross rain?  Because I may be slightly jealous.  Just slightly though.