Happy Birthday Suzanne!

Since my boss-lady has been sooooo wonderful to send my blog link out to everyone she knows, not to mention bringing up this site at sales meetings, only to dote on the lovely Chloe in this post – I decided a personal birthday shout out would be only appropriate! :)  So……

What did I do with these little signs you ask?  I busted my butt trying to get a few photos snapped with your favorite K9 before heading to a KW team meeting!  

She posed real pretty for the first couple shots… then the troops started to get a bit restless!

Yes, I am standing on a chair, wearing heals, trying to keep Spitty out of the shot, and to keep Chloe near the signs… who says I’m not a multi-tasker?!

Happy Birthday Suzanne!  Sent with love, just for you, from Chloe!  (And me too!) :)