Food Poisoning & Healthy Eats Don’t Mix Well

You know that scene from the movie “Bridesmaids” where… yeah.  That scene.  Yep.  The one that made you cry hysterically.  I am pretty sure it might be the first scene that comes to most minds when I just mention the movie.  Let me be just a bit more specific, just in case we are thinking of different scenes. Because let’s be real, the entire movie was pretty funny.

The scene I am beating around the bush about is the one when the girls try to do some dress shopping.  YES!  THAT SCENE!  The grossest, funniest, you-might-cringe-but-you-will-totally-LOL scene from the entire movie.   If you are still a bit out of the loop, I have a clip below.  And for those of you who have not seen this before… let me say… you have been warned.

I have been home with food poisoning for the past 3 days.  Luckily my week has not been nearly as… shall we say “explosive” as the bridesmaids above!  In my entire life, I have never felt so horrible.  And I absolutely hate that I am wrapping up my first full month of healthy Paleo eating like this.  Before I got sick I had lost 5 pounds and felt AWESOME.  I have lost 1.5 more in the past few days.  Poison was not my first choice in ways to lose weight.  And the kicker of it is – I chose a “healthy” dinner at the restaurant!  I got ahi tuna bites and a side salad!  Darn you ahi! 

My sweet, sweet Chloe has taken good care of me.  She even went into protective growl mode when my roommate came in my room to make sure I was alive!

Okay okay… I am getting to my point.  Last week I promised you two paleo posts.  Due to my illness I spent the last three days of the week trying to find something paleo and food poisoning friendly.  I found nothing.   At least nothing that either A. settled well with me, B. was something that seemed appetizing, or C. was something I had in my house.  There were a few recommendations online for things like pumpkin, banana, and apple sauce – but I honestly didn’t try toooo hard to find the “perfect paleo and food poison recovery meal.”  I am sure many paleo fans will cringe right now but in the end I went back to my childhood go-to sick food: Buttered egg noodles and parmesan cheese.  (My mom even drove to my house to make it for me!)   Oh!  And hot tea!  It totally hit the spot.  (Speaking of which – don’t forget about the tea giveaway!!)

 Bland noodles, my heated bed, and reading blogs and googling Toms on the macbook! Exactly what I needed!

I am so sorry I dropped the ball and only posted one paleo recipe last week.  Once I recover from this plague I have a couple great paleo ideas to bring to you all!  I am thinking about a creating a delicious mushroom and pepper with red wine soup!  Or some fun, creative paleo burgers.  Oh man, I can’t wait to eat good eats again!  

Do you have any tips for recovering from food poisoning?  Help a sister out!  And enjoy the sunshine for me this weekend!  It is so lovely outside it makes me sad to spend my time lying around watching lifetime movies!

  • – Lesley

    i am so sorry! that is awful to have. get well soon!

    • Susan

      Thanks Lesley!! I am actually feeling so much better tonight! Thank goodness!! Hope you had a lovely weekend!