December Recap!

Blogging… turns out to be more like a job sometimes. I love it though. Even though I spent 2011 with a follower count of a whopping 9, this is still my space to be me, share my projects, and all the goings-on in my life!  I have made it one of my goals to actually attempt at growing my blog this year.  Any advice on this?  Since I got pretty slack (not to mention sick for a couple weeks) towards the end of the year I decided I can’t let the new year go any further without doing a holiday recap! (Plus I know my aunt in Switzerland does love the photo updates!)

My holiday festivities began with the 3rd Annual JMU Christmas dinner in Williamsburg!  It is always great for all of us to get together and chat over a delicious meal.  This year we decided to go to a place called Food for Thought.  The food was great, but the wait time was HORRIBLE, even with a ‘fast pass’ reservation.  Normally I take a few pictures of all of us, and have the waiter take one or two of the group, but this year that didn’t seem to happen.  So how about a couple shots of an adorable one year old eating a lemon instead?!  Sounds like a fair trade to me!  (This was actually Claire’s second year joining us!)

We had our usual progressive dinner the week before Christmas too. I just love going from house to house, seeing everyone’s decorations, eating their food, and spending quality time with some of the people I love the most!  This year the route was mapped out a little better than past years.  We started with Appetizers at Jean & Lou’s house, Salad at my parents house, Dinner at Bob & Teresa’s house, Dessert at Nana’s house, and then Drinks & Gifts at my house!

The week before Christmas I was invited to attend the Governor’s One on One Christmas Program in Hertford, NC.  It is always great to see how much the program grows every year, not to mention how many great kids are involved in it!  This year was a special year though.  They did a little tribute to my grandfather (who started the organization) and to my grandmother, Narnie, for always being supportive.  It was really touching to see all the hard work the kids put into the presentation for a lady they didn’t even know.

Christmas was nice this year!  My roommate invited me to church with them the week before the holiday. I really needed that.  It helped me get into the spirit of the season even more.  A couple days before the holiday I packed up my jeep and my walkie talkies then headed up to Northern Virginia.  Walkie Talkies you ask?  Michael and I caravanned up there.  They worked out GREAT as we spent most of the day stuck in traffic on 64 and 95.  It was a nice couple days up there though.  I finally got to meet his sister and her family, and spend some time with some of Michael’s friends too.

I drove home on Christmas Eve.  Somehow it only took me 2 hours and 55 minutes to get from Alexandria to Chesapeake!  Apparently I was going at the speed of reindeer!  Christmas was quite in my parents house this year, but it was nice.  We had a nice (PALEO!!) Christmas Eve dinner, watched a couple movies and headed to bed at a decent time.  The next morning we did the normal gift opening thing.  I got several nice things this year!  Pearls from Michael, and a smorgasbord of things from my family (see the pink hat with the light below?!).  After unwrapping it was time for Christmas Breakfast!  Half of it was paleo friendly… the french toast casserole… not so much. :)

Oh! And a few Christmasy photos from around my house this year…

My favorite -EASY- project of the season!
Caitlin & Chloe in their Christmas Jammies!
My mantel all dressed up for the holiday!
My neighbor’s Charlie Brown Christmas Tree that I LOVED!
The real tree that Caitlin and I picked out, carried home, decorated, and loved all season!

So there ya have it friends and family!  I may be a couple weeks late, but you got your Christmas recap!  Stay tuned tomorrow for the New Years recap!  It includes winning a lot of dollar bills, fishing in ski clothes and cooking a paleo meal for my entire family! :)