Thursday, October 20, 2011

In 365 days we have...

I will let a little cat out of the bag... October 20th is not only one of my best friend's birthday, but it is, as of last year, it is the anniversary date of when my boyfriend first took me out to shoot zombies!  So happy anniversary babe!  (and happy birthday C!) 

So I thought this would be a fun place to type a few of the random things we have done together this past year... let's see how many I can remember... In no particular order, here they are!

1.  Shot zombies on our first date
2.  Carved pumpkins, and his looked like an old man
3.  Traveled to Europe
4.  Slept in a Prison
5.  Painted his house
6.  Went to Parade of Homes and freaked out about not agreeing on decorative items
7.  Went to Garden Ridge and purchased items we agreed on to decorate his house
8.  Camped in Charleston
9.  Gelato in Virginia Beach
10.  Ate sushi with wasabi on it at the thai restaurant
11.  Skiing at Massanutten
12.  Visited Leroy and Nora
13.  Went to see the Grinch's ice sculptures in DC
14.  Hockey Games with friends
15.  Harborfest for my birthday
16.  Looked at the moon with a nice telescope for his birthday
17.  Tasted freedom, in the form of a Ron Paul birthday cake
18.  Argued over how Ron Paul ranks higher than me on the "things I love list" ;)
19.  Rode a motorcycle up the parkway to Williamsburg
20.  Leaped around the gazebo from The Sound of Music
21.  Driven back and forth across the HRBT and the MM Lord knows how many times
22.  Gondola ride in Venice
23.  Historic reenactment in Richmond of "give me liberty or give me death"
24.  Dinner in Williamsburg when we ran into some of his friends... what was the name of that place?  
25.  VT football games on television 
26.  Country Concerts
27.  Jet skiing at the River 
28.  Learned who NOT to ride with on jet skis. 
29.  Day trip to the eastern shore
30.  Drinking a whole lot in Charleston
31.  Collecting art work
32.  Worked the "bar" together for the Rhondell Show at The Carriage House
33.  Drove to Richmond for a Movie
34.  Drove to Richmond for a futon
35.  Drove to Richmond for go-carts
36.  Drove to Richmond for a wedding in a train station
37.  Drove to Richmond to see tacky lights with the Wilsons
38.  Carbon Leaf for St Patties Day
39.  Country Mega Ticket all summer long
40.  Missed a couple of the country shows... woops.
41.  Baked cookies for a neighbor
42.  Gave out a couple glimmer cards
43.  Dyed Easter Eggs
44.  Fought my family for the most easter eggs in a real easter egg hunt
45.  Started eating healthier.
46.  Started eating cake again... woops again.
47.  Took photos at Justin & Taylors wedding
48.  My first, and possibly last, car club show
49.  Wedding in West Virginia at the most expensive hotel ever
50.  Dressed up in 70s outfits for my mom's birthday
51.  Fireworks in Hertford 
52.  Riverfest 2k11
53.  Hiked down Mount San Salvatore in Lugano, Switzerland
54.  Miss the boats, bus, and trains too many times in Europe
55.  Slept in a closet
56.  Went to a concentration camp
57.  Drank (alot) in a couple Bier Gardens in Germany
58.  Played darts & pool in a bar
59.  Researched gardens and patios more than we need to
60.  Visited gardens in Europe
61.   Found the largest shark tooth on Morris Island
62.  Acquired bricks from Ft Sumter 
63.  Purchased almost $500 of fireworks
64.  Learned who the better bowler is
65.  Saw a famous basketball player in a dive restaurant in Hampton
66.  We moved stuff.  A lot of stuff.
67.  Filled up a Uhaul with too much gas
68.  Broke a car
69.  Walked around a park in Northern Virginia
70.  Ate "5 Guys" burgers more than I have ever in my life
71.  Wandered around the top of an Alp
72.  Shared the most delicious dinner in Venice
73.  Attended a dog agility tournament 
74.  Raked leaves. Tons and tons of leaves
75.  Dodged ants while raking leaves
76.  Ran into Jess in the praline store
77.  Gchatted, a lot
78.  Oh, we sent a few emails as well
79.  Watched Ron Paul videos
80.  Listened to Ron Paul songs (not because I wanted to)
81.  Found an all-you-can-eat chinese buffet
82.  Bought grass fed beef from a farmers market
83.  Saw Jupiter and it's many moons
84.   First kiss on the front porch
85.  Bought 4 Bier steins 
86.  Shared a camera
87.  Gelato in Venice, numerous times
88.  Photographed a house
89.  Baked a carrot cake from scratch
90.  Wore bad shoes in Europe
91.  Cooked eggs with peppers in them... gross right? 
92.  Stolen Ron Paul signs from a vacant house
93.  Taken, but returned bar stools and hot tub equipment
94.  Ran to get into a picture with the self timer set... didn't work out so well
95.  Sat on my dock at the fire pit
96.  Comedy Club
97.  Slid down a giant ice slide wearing parkas
98.  Played Wordfeud
99.  Amber Lantern
100.  Fallen in love?  Yeah... that sounds like a good way to wrap up this list. :)

Cheers!  To another fun filled year! :) 

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

For Christen!

Yes friends, I am home.  I have been back in America for about 2 months now!  I cannot tell you how many times I have gotten a phone call from my bff from jmu asking me if I am home... knowing that since we are talking, yes I am.

What I have learned:  1.  People actually missed me while I was galavanting around Europe with Michael.  2.  People actually read my blog while I was gone!  I have numerous friends/ family members/ and work acquaintances tell me they read about our adventures!  3.  People actually noticed that I have been missing from the blogosphere!

So let me apologize.  And let me take the next few weeks to catch you up on past events and the current on-goings in my life.   To summarize, I rapped at a wedding, I joined #TeamiPhone, I bought a telescope, I decided I want to mission trip to Africa next, I landed a few HUGE agreements for work, I really haven't done any crafting, but I have decided to give the blog a facelift again!  Friday I leave for 4 days in San Francisco... so bare with me for a few days, and get ready for some awesome photos, stories and thoughts!

Thanks for the love, especially from Christen!  I have miss you all!

xo - suz