Thursday, July 21, 2011

Riverfest 2k11 - Part 2

Yesterday I told you all about the first part of Riverfest 2k11 so let me wrap it up for you this afternoon!

After we all celebrated my mom's birthday on July 2nd, we basically spent July 3rd (her real birthday) celebrating the Fourth of July!  My bff from college, Christen, along with her husband and adorable baby came down Sunday afternoon.  We learned that Claire is definitely a river girl!  How cute is she?

Ready to swim with her floppy white hat that she totally despised! 
 After a day full of swimming, sunbathing, and relaxing it was time to celebrate the holiday small town Hertford style.  Everyone drives into town (by car or boat - this year we chose car after my mom's run in with the law on the boat last year!) and enjoys some music chased with a pretty decent firework show considering it is such a small town!

Sitting in the park waiting for fireworks!

What's the 4th of July without a funnel cake booth?!

I believe it was karaoke night as well... 

Michael with his funnel cake :)

Funnel cake & Lemonade.  He spoils me.  <3

Red, White, & Blue.
 Since we spent most of July 3rd celebrating with fireworks and cookouts we decided to spend July 4th relaxing, napping, swimming, and planning our trip to Europe.  Here's a few photos from the dock.

They are in love - can't you tell?


She loves him more than me...

But she still loves me a little ;)

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Riverfest 2k11 - Part 1

Again - I am still trying to play catch up from my month of blogging vacay... so HAPPY RIVERFEST and HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY!

This past Fourth just so happened to fall on the Second Annual Riverfest.  Every year for the past six years my college friends and I have all gotten together to celebrate something at the river.  The first four years were strictly girls only (minus the occasional fake stripper).  {and yes, Amanda, I just googled to see if it was spelled "stripper" or "striper" lol}  Last year we decided to open the weekend up to the boys as well - and so began "Riverfest."

Riverfest 2k11 (which actually had it's own hashtag on twitter) fell on the weekend that included both my mom's birthday and Fourth of July.

To celebrate my mom's birthday, my friends and family were great sports and helped me throw a surprise 70s themed party for her.  When she got home from working at the cafe on Saturday July 2nd (her birthday is actually July 3) we were all waiting for her in a house that, well, was quite disco-y.

I would say she looked surprised!
*Photo belongs to Katie at*
Delicious "Disco" Cuppies!

We had a dance floor, disco ball,
and even "dancers" in the windows!
There is no such thing as Riverfest without crazy outfits!  Almost everyone was a good sport and happily took part in this... I won't mention any names of those who despised this part of the weekend.  

*photo is from katie at*
*photo is from katie at*
Two of my faves came to the party in their
finest apparel!
*photo is from katie at*
Riverfest 2k11 continued on for two more days after the birthday party.  It was quite nice to have all of my college buddies in the same town within one weekend.  Sadly, not everyone could make it on the same exact day.  Better start planning for next year!   Check back tomorrow for Riverfest 2k11- Part 2 to see a few more photos from the weekend and our Fourth of July celebrations in small town Hertford!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

It's been too long and you missed my birthday!

Well, it has been WAY too long since my past REAL post.  I became to frustrated with my iPhoto not working and not allowing me to upload any photos to the blog, so it really just turned me off from the computer for about a month.  Ohhh so sorry.  So how about if I just ramble and catch you up on things.

I decided that I want to give the blog a little bit of a change again... not sure what the plan is but hang in there.  I will be updating that as I update you on the past month!  I will just type of up what you have missed, and then share them with you over the next few days, that way I don't bombard you with too many details! :)

Where to start?  The last posts I had written were prior to my birthday!  It was a great day!  As you know, I love my Birthday... but this year everyone was going to be out of town or busy so I was just planning for a relaxing, chill day.  BUT Mike surprised me and took off drill Saturday!  After sitting around and pondering what to do for the day we decided to head to Harborfest in Norfolk.  We also went to MacCarther Mall for a pretzel and to buy some maps to begin planning our August trip to Europe.  {Many more details will surely follow about that trip!}

Norfolk Harborfest.
The necklace Mike gave me... it came wrapped in a gun case.
Sneaky boy.
Flowers I got from my favorite people in Australia!  <3
We had a delicious steak dinner back at my house and then my dear friend Katie was in town so I got to enjoy her company along with some Cheesecake Factory chocolate peanut butter fudge cheesecake! :)  

I had a birthday dinner with the family at Watermans the next night.  They gave us the LARGEST table EVER which made it a really bad idea for a birthday dinner, but it was still super nice to have everyone together.  And the orange crushes didn't hurt either! :)

Oh how I love Orange Crushes. (Horrible photo though...)
So all in all, I brought my twenty-seventh year in surrounded by friends and family.  It might have been one of my quietest birthdays ever, but I really enjoyed it.  Thanks to everyone who was a part of it.  27 was my grandfather's number - he was born, married, and basically passed away on the 27th... let's make this year one of the best. <3

Testing again...

Testing again... Thinking that it is only going to left me use small photos...

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Friday, July 8, 2011

Testing the new iPad app....

Since I will be backpacking Europe next month I decided to try to figure out how to blog from my iPad to keep you up to date with my adventures.... Let's test this out!

So... Let's post this and see what happens!

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Testing 2...

Testing testing... Will this work for blogging while on vacation? Willbthe pic quality be ok?

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Stupid Computer

Sorry to my few readers for a month of no posts... my computer will not let me upload any photos to the blog without it shutting down my browser.

Anyone know any get mac guys that could help me out?  I have been a mac user for over 5 years and this is the first problem I have ever had... it's so absolutely frustrating....

Once I get it fixed, just wait, I have a lot to fill you in on!