Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Project Glimmer

Have you clicked on that button up there yet?  The one that says The Project Glimmer?  If you haven't, you are totally missing out!

This is an awesome, new project that I am starting, all for a simple glimmer of hope.  The point of the project is to go for a full year, get as many people involved as possible, do nice things, and blog about it!  That's it.  It's so simple!

In addition to doing these nice things, when possible, I will be leaving a Glimmer (business) Card.  The Glimmer Card will be a "Pay it Forward" kind of thing.  For example, if I am going through a toll, maybe I will pay for the car behind me.  I will ask the toll booth person to give the lucky driver the Glimmer Card, that will give a brief explanation of the project and a link to the website.   They are then supposed to hang on to the card until they find their own random act of kindness they want to do for someone else.  (At which point, they will pass on the card!)  Imagine how many smiles one card could bring!

When they visit The Project Glimmer blog page they can find my contact information and let me know how they received the card and/or what they plan to do as their Glimmer Act!

Simple enough?  Sure it is.  I think this could be HUGE.  Recently I have heard tons of comments on how people just seem so rude lately, no one seems to care about anyone but themselves, or how customer service is nonexistent.  So let's change that!

Give me your thoughts/ feedback/ etc!  Kick off is hopefully next week when the Glimmer Cards arrive.  I am thinking I will blitz the Hampton Roads area with as many Glimmer Cards as I can, just to get the ball rolling and see what happens.  Do you have ideas of awesome Random Acts of Kindness I should use for the first week?  Let me know!

Friday, March 18, 2011

It feels like summer!

Oh Em Geeeeee.  I LOVE warm weather!!  Did you realize how warm it is supposed to be today?  80 degrees here in Chesapeake, Virginia.  We are finally catching up to the temps that my friends in Australia have been enjoying!  (But it's such a tease because the next few days will be back in the 50s and 60s again... lame.)

Anyway, before I head to my meeting and then take the top off my jeep (after work... of course...) I wanted to share my It-Feels-Like-Summer Craft!

This one is super easy and I get sooooo many compliments on it!  In 2006 when I traveled to San Antonio, Texas I saw something similar.  When I got home I knew it was going to be on my crafting to-do list!  Check it out:

Please excuse the fact that it is a little faded (it is several years old...) and the door with paint peeling off of it.  (The neighborhood association has yet to catch me on that!  But it is also on the to-do list, don't worry.)  So what do you think?  The supplies are simple!

-- A grapevine wreath (I got a bunch on sale at Ben Franklins for only a few dollars each)
-- Ribbons galore!  All types of colors, prints, patterns!  Whatever your heart desires! (I recommend checking out the dollar section at Michaels... they have some cute, cheap options.)
-- And scissors!  That's it! 

Pick your ribbons!  Like I said, be creative!  I have made a few of these wreaths before.  I love my colorful random one shown here, but it might not match everyone's houses like it does mine.  I made a red, white and blue one for my mom since her birthday is July 3.  And I made one for a little girls room, with a smaller grapevine wreath, with pink and yellow ribbons.  You can also cut the ribbons to be all different lengths.  Most of my are close in length with a few random, shorter ones.

No glue necessary!  All you have to do is double the ribbon and loop it!  Fold it in half and loop it through so it knots on.  Easy Peasey!

Scatter the ribbons around so they hang in different parts of the wreath and ta-daaaa!  You're done!  

I guarantee you that you will get compliments on this wreath!  If you make one, send me some photos!  I'd love to see what colors you go with!  

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Cute and Cause Worthy!

Have you seen the Poppie Lane Blog yet?  If not, I totally recommend you check it out!

Back in the day, I went to high school with this lovely lady!  After school we did not really keep up with each other, but through facebook and the blogging world we have some how reconnected a little bit.  Recently I began to secretly follow her blog as she shared her story (and ups and downs of the long process) of adopting her son, Tucker.  Long, and awesomely blessed, story short, Tucker is home from Ethiopia with his Mom and Dad!  :)

Not only is this blog a great read, but it's a super cute shop too!  In an effort to raise funds for the adoption, Lauren got crafty!  She began selling the cutest Poppy Headbands and other accessories!  Now that her son is home, she is extending the cause of her site and helping other families that are going through the same adoption process.  Read her Making a Difference page and meet the new family that Poppie Lane is helping now.

I have been admiring them for a long time, and finally caved this morning and ordered myself a green headband!  (If only it was here this morning I could totally rock it for St Patties Day!)  This is where we can all help and look super cute at the same time!  50% of the profits (between now and April 15) will be going to help the Ladd Family bring home their son.  How awesome is this?!

That is the headband I just bought!  Go get yourself one!  (Or if you are one of my brides and you're looking for a super cute bridesmaid gift/ accessory... think about this!  She has a ton of color options!

So scoot on over there, check her stuff out, and help bring a sweet little boy home to his family! :)  

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Anti Jewelry Box Solution - Part 2

Yesterday you got to see the inside of my messy bathroom and what I did to help organize my necklaces without using the infamous jewelry box.  But what about the pile of ear rings?  I like to keep my jewelry out, so I can see it, and decide which item I want to use to accessorize my outfits.  I had been looking for an ear ring holder that could hang and display my collection.  I searched online and in stores for quite some time, but I could only find ugly and/or expensive holders.  And there is just something I don't like about paying $15 to $20 for a small frame like thing with some wire mesh on it.  Just like any thrifty (and crafty) tightwad I decided to make one myself!  

I found a frame last year at the church yard sale for only $1.  I had no clue what I was going to do with it, but figured it was such a slick deal I had to get it (along with about 15 other dollar items!)  

Again, I didn't know what I was going to do with this frame, but I really lucked out when I discovered that the backing of the frame was one that was attached to the frame itself.  Notice how it pulls out in the picture above (right side).  This was exactly what I needed and had no clue when I bought it!  

Take the frame apart by removing the glass and any cardboard that might be in there.  Pull out your glue gun, as well as your cat for any kind of assistance you may need.  I got some old screening (for windows) from the garage and trimmed it to be a little bit bigger than the piece of glass that I removed from the frame.  


Simply run the glue gun along the edge of the frame and press the screen into the glue, making the screen as tight as possible.  

And then stand it up and take a look!  Ta-daaa!  Not too shabby if I do say so myself... But wait, we are not quite done!

I wanted to be sure that my ear ring stand wouldn't collapse or fall over so I found some scrap ribbon to use to help secure the backing.  Any good crafter keeps a stash of scrap ribbon somewhere in the house. I just so happen to be a JMU Duke so I have purple ribbon just about everywhere!  

Glue the ribbon the to edge of the frame and then to the back of the backing.

Then when you stand it up, it cannot slide open or collapse any further than then distance of the ribbon.  (Just keep in mind when you are choosing the length of the ribbon, you need to be able to get your hand back there to take the ear ring backs off.)  

So there you have it!  The construction of this ear ring stand only cost me $1 for the frame!  I had scraps of the screen and the ribbon around the house.  If you have to go out and buy the screening I'm sure the cost would definitely go up.  But ask around before you do that.  It's amazing how many people have old, torn, unusable window screens that are in the attic or garage.  (And if you are local, I have a ton of extra if you need it!)  

Now, to see the finished product, fulfilling it's life purpose:  

What do you think?  

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Anti Jewelry Box Solution - Part 1

I don't know how many of you are like me, but I am slightly opposed to the jewelry box concept.  I prefer to get ready in the morning and have most of my "jewels" visible, not buried in a box that I have to dig to find.  Yes, I do own a jewelry box.  It holds some of my older accessories that I do not wear to often.  I suppose if I had some fancy or nicer pieces I might actually appreciate the box concept a bit more.  But for now, I have a ton of ear rings and even more necklaces that typically lie on my vanity, taking up space and collecting dust.

Time for a change!  Let me present you with my Anti Jewelry Box Solution!

First of all, the necklace dilema was the easy one to fix.  Remember those Command Strip hooks you see commercials for around Christmas time?  The commercial recommends you hang your stocking with these hooks.  Well I recommend you hang your necklaces with these hooks!  Check it out!

The hooks only cost be about $4 for a pack of them.  Be sure that you clean off the glass before you stick them up there, just to make sure there is no dust stuck underneath it.  I had so many necklaces I sorted them by color and style (yes, OCD, I know) and hung them in each corner of the mirror so they wouldn't really be in the way or distracting when it comes time to primp in the mornings.  

In that last photo you can get a glimpse at my bathroom a bit more.  Notice the pile of ear rings still taking up space?  Not for long! :)   Be sure to check out tomorrow's "Part 2" post to see how easily (and super inexpensively!) you can take care of your ear rings without tossing them into the bottomless pit we call the Jewelry Box.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Mustache March!

So my boyfriend and his work buddies are about half way into their journey through March.  And apparently March isn't just known for St Patties Day... It is also known for the facial hair that grows along with it.  (Get it, "grows along with it!" HA!)

Anyway, I wanted to quickly share one of my new favorite photos with you before I head to bed.  Or should I say "I mustache you a question" before I head to bed!

Facelift Time!

So after a ton of blog-surfing last week I decided that "2 cats & chloe" needed a little bit of a facelift.  I played around with it a bit today... still not too sure about the changes that I made but boy did I learn things!

A few blogging accomplishments I am proud of today:

1.  I discovered shabbyblogs.com and all of their free loveliness!  This site has tons of free goodies!  AND they have great detailed descriptions about how to use the free templates and designs they offer.  I haven't had enough time to completely dig into this blog but I'm already a huge fan!  (I grabbed the background from this page... what do you think?)

2.  Shabby Blogs lead me to kevinandamanda.com which is loaded with FREE fun fonts!  This is where I got the font for my blog title/ header and I love it.  I am hoping to find a few free minutes tomorrow to try to figure out how to change my post titles and side bars to the same font.  I ran into a bit of trouble with getting a hostwebs account to get that done.  Go figure that today was THE day when they were working on the page and it would not work.

Fan of kevinandamanda.com! Free Fonts. Recipes. Scrapbooking. Photography. Blog Design. Tutorials. Giveaway. Everything you're into!

3.  I learned how to create my own 2 cats & chloe blogging button!!  I'm not expecting it to become wide spread, but I was pretty impressed at how "legit" this makes me feel!  The one I created today is super simple.  I took the same font I used for the blog header (from kevinandamanda.com) and put it in a little button box.  I'm thinking I need something prettier, but for now... this will do the trick!

So bloggers!  Give me your thoughts!  What else should I be adding/ doing?  I have a few more things that I want to add still, like a page or link for "Project: Glimmer" - a project I started last year, and hope to get running again soon.  I have always been intrigued and in love with blogging for some reason, and I have had multiple blogs in the past.  I'm not really sure when or where the intrigue began, but I think I owe it to one wise doctor from the early nineties:  Check out this post I wrote in college.  I even did one of my senior projects at JMU on Online Communities.  Who would've known how much things could change in just 5 years. 

So give me your two cents, or your two dollars worth of opinions.  What works for you?  What should I consider?  Keep in mind there is no real point to this blog other than to document and share my life, my projects and my adventures.  As always, your comments are much appreciated!  

Thursday, March 10, 2011

I heart Blogland.

I am all about adventures!  I love exploring new places, meeting new people, and navigating through the unknown.  Tonight I bonded a little bit more with Blogland.  Did you know that you can get lost in new country (which I'm lovingly naming "Blogland") without even taking your passport out of the lockbox?!

You can try new foods and recipes people share.  You can take in tons of different cultures and religions.  The crafts... the crafts are endless!!  (Maybe that is because I tend to follow crafty blogs)  Music!  Just like when visiting a new city or country, you can pick up tons of new, different, and hip tunes in Blogland.  I love photography, and have such a desire to learn more about my camera.  Believe it or not, this too is possible in Blogland!!  I feel like I have become friends with some of my fellow Bloglanders as I read through their stories of adoptions, or vacations (real ones, not Blogland ones), or working crazy jobs I have never even dreamed of doing.  I have "met" people who are just like me and love, love, LOVE planning parties and celebrating the most random things.  Best of all I have been inspired by so many Bloglanders to try new projects, reflect on other opinions, learn new skills, or plan my next big adventure!

I'm not really sure of blogging etiquette; if it even exists or are certain things deemed "rude" in Blogland?  When someone finds a new blog she loves and links to it in her own blog, does she inform the newfound blog's blogger?  Someone explain this to me because tonight I added a whole slew of new "blogs i love" to my google reader list.

Also, how in the world do some of these girls have hundreds (dare I say in some cases thousands!!) of followers!  Not that I need followers, because I am well informed that my boyfriend and my mom read my blog every now and then.  But how is that even possible!?  I guess, maybe by chance, someone will travel from one blog to the next like I did this evening, and fall upon 2 cats and chloe.  I love how I started with checking out one girls photography blog from Texas and it opened the door to 50 (easily) new found blogs I love.

After some great exploring tonight I have been inspired to revamp the look of 2 cats and chloe at some point in the future.  I just spent three days sick in bed with the flu, so catching up on work comes first... but mark my words, this blog will see a face lift soon.

So friends, fill me in on blogging etiquette.  Share your blog with me.  Or just secretly enjoy the random ramblings and silly projects that you may have just stumbled across.

Friday, March 4, 2011


It was a good few years, but the legacy has come to an end.  When the cost of personalized JMU plates were double the cost of the generic white Virginia plates it was time to decide where costs needed to be cut.  It killed me to get new plates.  And not just new plates, new un-pretty plates with no personality!  Not to mention how the whole "JMU Represent!" thing has now gone out the window!  I'm going to have to be even more generic and get a bumper sticker.

But let's be real, the economy sucks.  (This girl had a whopping 47 closings in February, which is not enough to pay the bills never mind continue with pretty shnazzy JMU Benji plates.)  But it's the time to get creative and crack down on certain things that are considered excessive.  By getting my generic "400th Anniversary" plates I saved myself 75 smackaroos!  I was shocked!  $75!  Seventy-five big ones, that will now be used for bills or food or put towards the new alternator that the same vehicle will be needing very soon.

So now, on the brighter side, I something new to hang on my wall.  Lovingly placed right above my imac is my favorite license plate ever.  (It's so much cooler than the "AKA SUZ" plate that I was rocking on Bonanza the Stanza back in high school!)

Anyway, I'm off to work!  Gotta find myself some realtors who need warranties!  Happy Friday!