SWS Christmas Traditions

2 cats & chloe: Cinebistro Hampton -- Christmas Vacation

Don’t you just love this time of year? The hustle, the bustle, the boxes and bows, the Christmas cards and the twinkle lights?  I do.  But to be quite real with you, I have been struggling to get into a festive holly jolly mood this year.  Work and life have been kicking my butt, which…

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Progressive Potluck and Paleo Maple Glazed Salmon

2 cats & chloe: maple glazed salmon

This weekend was an AWESOME weekend.  Not only did I get to have breakfast with a long lost friend on Saturday, but I got to have dinner with another friend in DC on Saturday night!  You see, Saturday after breakfast, my husband and I hit the road for Washington DC.  Our anniversary was last month……

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Say What Saturday?! Tell me about your Christmas Tree!

2 cats and chloe: Real Tree vs. Artifical Tree

I LOVE this time of year, mostly because of all the traditions.  As we get older, get married, move, have kids {or in my case, puppies} things change.  I had breakfast this morning with one of my best friends who recently moved to Florida but was back in town for the weekend.  {<—-Click that link and…

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I’m not 92% more rested…

never trust quiet dogs

Ah, this weather.  Is it me or should rain in the winter just not exist?  I’m a huge fan of all seasons.  I really enjoy winter.  However, unlike mittens and gingerbread lara bars, rain holds no valuable place during this season.  I say this, living in Virginia, the state where everything shuts down when we get…

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Recent Posts

2 cats & chloe: How to make your own starbucks drinks

CELEBRATE SOUTHERN: Paleo Chocolate Mint Mocha Coffee

In my past life, I would anxiously await the seasonal coffee creamers to arrive at the grocery store.  Oh, and you know, those super fun collector red cups full of spiced latte frappie something-or-others from Starbucks.  But then I turned to clean eating and realized exactly how much crap was in those creamers and in just…

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2 cats & chloe: Group whole30 challenge January 2015

Bacon is Rad. Gluten is Bad.

There’s a Brian Regan joke about mistakingly asking a lady if she is pregnant.  Honestly, every time I see a lady, whether she is very obviously preggo or not, I simply refuse to acknowledge it. Unless I’m at your Baby Shower, I’m probably looking like the rudest person ever, but I refuse to talk about your baby…

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sunset pic


Hello December.  Well haven’t you started by packing quite the punch?  If you read my blog post from yesterday, you heard that Chloe is really ill.  Her vet bills really hurt my Christmas budget, but from the sounds of it, she will be okay.  She has to fast for the next 24 hours and then…

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Border Collie Puppy Olivia

Five on Monday?

I have seriously missed y’all!  I feel like it been forever and a day since I have had five minutes to sit at a computer to write, nevermind stop by all of your lovely blogs and catch up.  For me, a work-from-home-wife, I find that a huge perk to blogging is the friendships.  I don’t…

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When do bloggers decorate for Christmas?

SWS?! When Do Bloggers Decorate for Christmas?

Can you believe Thanksgiving has come and gone already?  I surely cannot.  My brain is still stuck back in October World.  Did you see my post on Facebook a few days ago?  I actually wished the grocery gal a Happy Halloween!  WHAT?! Post by 2 cats & chloe.   ANYWAY!  Guys and gals, I apologize…

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