Memorial Weekend Treat: Frozen Berry Flattened Trifle

Can you believe Memorial Weekend is already (almost) here?!  This weekend is always one of my favorites.  The sun is (usually) shining.  The flags are flying.  And we are (almost always) working a wedding and then spending the holiday weekend at the river.  This is the first year, in EIGHT YEARS, that I do not…

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Such a crazy weekend + essentials!

2015 shasta reissue retro camper

{This post is sponsored by U by Kotex.}   What a weekend.  Seriously, it was one of the best weekend’s I have had in a very long, long time.  We may only be in early spring, but I’m hoping it was a preview of the awesome summer to come!   In the last 72 hours my hubby…

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The Soiree: Paleo Margarita Mocktail

2 cats & chloe: paleo mocktail ingredients

Yay!  Welcome to another Celebrate Southern Soiree!  I’m really beginning to LOVE Thursdays because it’s all about the party!  If you’ve been following along, you know that J and I opened up this linkup, asking for other gals (and any guys out there too) to be party hostesses! I’m super excited to introduce you to…

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Monat + Giveaway: One bottle of shampoo changed my life.

2 cats & chloe: Monat Results - before and after // natural hair care // organic hair product

Okay, so I exaggerate a lot.  Like, “OMG my legs hurt so bad after leg-day at the gym, that I cannot even walk.”  Really, Suz?  You cannot walk?  If I set a piece of gluten-free, magical, no-calorie brownie sundae here in front of you, you’re saying that you couldn’t walk over to it?  Yeah… I…

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29:11 Celebrations made the paper!

Proverbs 31:29 — Happy Mother’s Day!

So it’s Sunday – but it’s also Mother’s Day!  So in addition to a Sunday Morning Scripture post, I’m going to throw a few (read photodump) pictures of my momma at ya too!  We have shared many adventures, laughs and great memories. Anyone interested in having Proverbs 31:29 as your iphone background?  I am going to…

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2 cats & chloe: portobello mushroom bun

The Soiree: Burger Bar Party + Giveaway

I really wanted to do a post this week about a super fun spring party.  I also wanted to take pictures of my food in manual mode (since I’m rocking my photography class with Heather!)  I also had to go out of town to meet with a client for a few days.  I also have…

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2 cats & chloe: Monat - volume - thick, long hair

Wordless Wednesday: Next Week + Kate Spade Giveaway!

You know my Wordless Wednesdays are never really 100% wordless right?  Okay, glad we settled that.  Here is a hint about something big, coming to this little old blog next week: And if a picture is worth 1000 words, a Kate Spade Giveaway is worth even more!  Can someone please win these Kate Spade goodies…

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2 cats & chloe: 5 things you need to survive working from home.

Five on Friday: Working from home and cute specs!

I’ve kept it no secret that I work from home.  Some days I love it.  Some days I dread it.  The division of home life and work life is really tough with your home life is your work life.  A lot of days I am totally jealous of my friends who clock out at the office…

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2 cats & chloe: shasta re-issue interior

The Soiree: Vintage Shasta Party?

So before I begin this post, let me just tell you that I am a girl who loves her birthday.  I like to start planning my birthday month (June) shortly after Christmas wraps.  Crazy?  Yeah – probably.  Fun?  Totes. Last year the hubby and my mom teamed up to throw me a surprise 30th birthday…

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Olivia in crate

Semi-Wordless Wednesday: Challenge Accepted?

This is a semi-Wordless-Wednesday… because it’s basically been a wordless week or so from me.  And I apologize.  I mean really Life!  How dare you interrupt Blogland! First I was under the weather.  Now my sweet Olivia Benson is using up all her sick-leave.  What was supposed to be a simple doggie spay has turned…

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