Grey and Teal Master Bedroom Reveal

2 cats & chloe: Grey Master Bedroom

T-Minus Four Days… until our house is up for sale!  (Horrible timing because I am out of town for three out of four of the remaining days.)  Anywho, I’m really proud of how much cleaning and organizing we have gotten done.  I barely recognize this place.  And I feel guilty if I leave any dishes…

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Ready for Super Bowl Sunday: Whole30 Deviled Eggs

Whole30 Deviled Eggs // Paleo Deviled Eggs // Mayo Free Deviled Eggs

While the #2catsWhole30 is wrapping up this week (CRAZY RIGHT?!) I am still trucking on with my Whole60.  The jury is still out as to whether or not it was a smart decision to publicly proclaim that I am giving up wine, popcorn and chocolate for 60 days… I have seriously pondered taking one day off for…

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SWS – What do bloggers do in Real Life?

Say What Saturday // Bloggers in Real Life // What do you do for a living? // Blogland

I am often referring to my “real life” and my “blog life.”  Or my “blog-friends.”  Or my “blog work.”  It really isn’t like Blogland is Never, Never Land or some other magical place… but I always feel that, in conversation, I need to clarify whether or not I am talking about Blog Life or Real Life….

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2 cats & chloe: Target Find: #MugLife

Puppy, Mugs, and Things! It’s Friday!

Oh hey Friday.  It’s wonderful to see you!  For the record, I spent this entire week drastically confused about what the day actually was… Maybe it was the holiday?  Maybe it was the fact that they didn’t pick our trash up on the correct day?  Maybe it was because I didn’t actually leave my house all…

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2 cats & chloe: Kitchen rehab before

DIY Kitchen Reveal

The folks who are doing the #2catsWhole30 with me right now probably remember my complaining at the beginning of the month when we started our Whole30.  It was time to cook, time to prepare, time to be ready for a big life change! It was also the time that my husband decided to start our…

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2 cats & chloe: January, winter, tree

CELEBRATE SOUTHERN: Where’d ya go January?

Can you believe that we are in the last stretch of January?  Guys – I still haven’t gotten my 2014 2015 resolutions in writing!  (Expect that next week… better late than never right?) But seriously, I don’t know where this month has gone.  I have been so busy with work and the #2catsWhole30 that my days…

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2 cats & chloe: Paleo Crock Pot Chicken

Whole30, Paleo Crockpot Chicken Dinner

All the paleo peeps are doing it these days… making bone broth that is.  It was about darn time for me to jump on the bandwagon.  I’ve really struggled lately with finding chicken or beef broth that didn’t have crazy additives and sugar in it.  What’s a girl gotta do to make her own Chicken…

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blogger opportunity, how to relax

SWS – You gotta relaxxxxx…

I keep lying to myself, saying that there’s really not all that much to do with my house and my blog and my business.  In turn, my to-do list is growing like Pinocchio’s nose.  So my plan for this Saturday is work my butt off on our house projects (14 days until it goes on…

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2 cats & chloe: Whole30 - Day 15 results, whole30 success, whole30 experience

Day 15: Seven Things to do Before The Whole30

Guys!  Today is day 16/60 for my whole60!  In case you are new here, I promise I am not only a foodie blogger.  I am just in the midst of a Whole30 x 2, so it is consuming my life.  Since I have committed to sixty days, rather than the normal thirty, I’m realizing that each…

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