Gender Reveal Party with Paint!

2 cats & chloe: Gender Reveal Cake with Splatter Paint

I think there is a rule somewhere about how many photos are allowed in a blog post… I don’t know, maybe 5 or 6 tops?  Well we are about to blow that rule out of the water. Sunday afternoon 30 of our friends and family members drove from near and (mostly) far away to find…

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Paleo, Whole30 Lemon Chicken Dinner

2 cats & chloe: Paleo Lemon Chicken Dinner

This dinner is absolutely drool worthy and will become a regular on our meal rotations!  It started on a whim, through a text message with my dear friend Cait.  She is also living in a moment of transition… bunking up with her future in-laws after their move from Florida to North Carolina.  Knowing that I…

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20 Weeks

2 cats & chloe: 20 week baby bump

I have gone back and forth as to whether or not I should be sharing a Bumpdate or a House-Update with you this week!  I decided, since it is Week 20 and we are officially at the half way point of this pregnancy, this week is worth documenting!  I will have a house update for…

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Five on… Saturday?

Pray for Paris

I need to write.  It’s an outlet for me.  There is so much swirling in my mind and it just needs to get out.  So I need to write.  About different things.  And since I make the rules around here, I figured a “Five on Saturday” would just have to make sense this week.  Just…

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Recent Posts

2 cats & chloe: chamberlin brunch selfie

18 Weeks

I have mentally gone back and forth over having weekly pictures taken of “my bump”.  I have so many friends who are also pregnant right now.  Some of them are doing the cute weekly post with the chalk board.  Some are doing the artsy thing, wearing the same outfit and documenting their belly/baby grow.  Some aren’t…

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2 cats & chloe: Halloween camping with vintage reissued shasta

Halloween Camping!

Can you believe it is November First?!  Where in the world has this year gone folks?  (Don’t get me wrong, my current situation is not ideal, so I’m okay with time flying by right now – but a good friend, who is about 60 years older than me, once told me to not wish time away…

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2 cats & chloe: irresistible me hair extentions review

Black & White Fall Fashions and Fun Hair

Some days I wake up and think I’d love to be a fashion blogger.  They all look so fun, put together and legit.  I could do it right?  I mean I love trying to put together outfits and pairing accessories with random looks.  Then I realize I haven’t showered in 3+ days, I’m wearing the…

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2 cats & chloe: Perfectly Simple Snack Bars

Second Trimester: I’m ready to #FeelGooder

This post was sponsored by ZonePerfect – but the thoughts, pictures and love for chocolate treats are all my own! Y’all, pregnancy is tough.  I always thought that I wanted two or three kids, but the thought of having to do this all over again makes me physically ill.  And I can say that because…

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2 cats & chloe: Chicken Chili by the fire

Hello Fall: Fire Pit, Cider and Award Winning Chicken Chili

*Today’s post is sponsored by Stanley Brand, but my love for fall, chili, cider and festive celebration essentials is all my own!* You know what I love about this time of year… other than pumpkin spice everything?!  I love the cooling temps, festive fire pits, cozy blankets, chili in the crock, hot cider (spiked, unless…

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2 cats & chloe: pregnancy announcement on construction site

This is Not a Joke: Baby G Due April Fools Day!

Remember that time last month that I made everyone think I was pregnant, but I was actually just talking about being four weeks along in building our new house??  Yeah… On top of the craziness of building, I am also puking multiple times a day, growing at a rate that is completely new to me…

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