WWNS: Modern Family


I have gone back and forth about my “Monday Moments with Nana” idea.  I feel like there is a fine line between offending either you, my reader, or Nana – if she ever learns about my blog, as it technically is accessible via “the google.” A lot of the things she says are absolutely worth documenting.  I honestly…

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Vintage Furniture Lounging

rockie lounging

Hooray for a Saturday without a wedding! We are all starting to adjust to Nana’s house and Rockie is finally starting to venture downstairs.  I spent the last week in Northern Virginia for work.  Chloe went to visit our old neighbors and was treated like a queen.  Olivia went to visit her grandparents and spent…

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Caturday Lounging While I Work!

Rockie lounging on Caturday

Happy Saturday Caturday!  It’s back, as I’m trying oh so hard to get on track again.  Thanks to those of you who have joined this feline fun in these last few weeks!  It’s super simple and a fun post to give some blog time to your furbabes.  (You can probably even throw in a dog-blog and…

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A Not-So-Happy Five.

2 cats & chloe: five on friday watercolor

More than half way through the month and half way through summer.  Where is time going?  Seriously. This weekend I am working to plan out the rest of the month with blogging, in hopes of shaking my writers block, among other things.  A week or so ago I had coffee with an acquaintance.  She is…

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Recent Posts

this month june

Last Month: June

Okay… so I definitely have some catching up to do!  Life has been beyond hectic.  I have barely even had the time (or the motivation) to even shower.  Gross right? Moving sucks y’all.  It’s a lot of work.  It’s emotional.  And it’s draining.  I have been so depressed that I had to mentally check out….

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Blog hop, cat linkup

Crazy Week Caturday Saturday!

I am so incredibly sorry for my absence this past week!  Our travel plans were unexpectedly changed around a bit and we didn’t get home from Florida until late Monday evening.  By losing an entire work day, I basically played catch up all week long.  Add to it that I have a wedding this weekend…

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2 cats & chloe: Green eyes Caturday

Green Eyes Caturday!

Happy Caturday to you!  Just in case you missed the announcement last week –  we have started celebrating Caturday Saturday here on the blog!  It’s simple.  It’s fun.  And it’s all about our feline furbabes. How sweet is this picture of my Rockie?!  It has quickly become one of my faves.  Now it’s your turn!  Link up below…

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2 cats & chloe: sprinkle cake

Rainbow Sprinkles + Key West!

Gotta keep this one short and sweet because it’s my birthday and my hubby and I decided to spontaneously cash in our sky miles and fly to Key West for a long weekend! Now go eat a ton of rainbow sprinkles and drink some wine on my behalf!  #SprinklesAreNotPaleo. Peace out Girl Scouts!

2 cats & chloe: purple hydrangeas

Birthday Flowers: Hydrangeas

I know I have written about this in past years but I can’t help but snap a few more pictures and do it again this year, especially since I started my photography class!  Every single June, hydrangeas are in full bloom for my birthday.  It goes without fail.  When I was a kid my grandparents would…

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