CELEBRATE SOUTHERN: Cotton fields in Carolina

Happy Tuesday!  I cannot believe this is our third week of the Celebrate Southern Linkup!  Thank you thank you thank you to everyone who has joined the fun!  I’m shocked at how well this thing has taken off and we owe it to you!

In case you need a briefing, let me catch you up!  Every Tuesday, we all meet here to celebrate anything and everything “Southern!”  Think Southern: Crafts, Food, Fashion, Home Decor, Cities or Feelings.  Your hostesses are J from Bless Her Heart Y’all and myself!

Southern Bloggers Linkup Celebrate Southern

The rules are easy, as you will see below!  So I recommend you pencil us in, and join this fun, community driven linkup!

In the mean time, I wanted to introduce you to our Southern Fall Fields…  At first glance, it looks just like a snow storm rolled through.  But it’s not.  It’s cotton season!  Ever since I was young, I have always had a fascination with the cotton fields.  I’ve daydreamed about having a home in the midst of a cotton field.  Just imagine looking out your window every morning and seeing this:

Field of Cotton in NC

When my grandfather was ill, we spent a lot of time traveling to their house, in a neighborhood, surrounded by field after field of cotton.  I remember my mom stealing a few branches of this white, fluffy, loveliness from the field behind the one and only pizza place in town, a few days before he passed away.  I have no clue why I remember this… and while it was one of the saddest weeks of my life, seeing fields of cotton always reminds me of time spent with my grandparents in Carolina.

Carolina Cotton Field

Have you ever seen cotton growing before?  Does this happen across the country?  I live just above the Virginia and North Carolina state line and you know… I do not think I have ever seen cotton growing in Virginia!  A couple miles south though, just across that line, you will see fields of fresh cotton everywhere.

Cotton Plants

I promise I am not trying to turn this into a scientific post, but isn’t it crazy to think, that this odd looking plant is what’s used to create almost all of our clothing?

Cotton Plant just picked    A bucket of cotton

I think you would be really surprised to know that, once bloomed {above} this cotton is SO SOFT, straight out of the field.  I expected it to be much coarser the first time I snatched a plant.  You can see {below} the protective shell or pod that is grows in.

Cotton Pod

I ALMOST used cotton as centerpieces for our wedding.  I went back and forth with the idea but it just didn’t fit my glam wedding theme.  I am holding out though, waiting for a client to use it in a rustic wedding… I think it would be absolutely STUNNING.  Used as simple, rustic centerpieces or imagine bouquets made of cotton plants, maybe with a few classic broaches in there too?  Hello gorgeous.

Non-processed Cotton

And just in case you are curious as to how to transport a bucket of cotton that you “borrow”  from a farmer’s field {we actually asked permission, I swear!} you use the front seat of your car.

Car full of Cotton

Plants of Cotton

And now, the question that I know my husband will want answered as soon as he rolls in our front door tonight and sees a box full of cotton in our living room… What in the world will I be doing with these cotton branches?

Simply put, decorating.  Do you remember my Wedding Wish Tree?  It still stands tall in our formal living room.  I plan to thread some of these cotton pods and string them from the tree for the holidays!  I have a feeling I will also be using some on the mantel and for centerpieces also.  If I didn’t have a trillion wreaths already, I would probably make a small cotton wreath too!

Thanks for stopping by today!  Now that you have seen my little slice of the south, grab this button, join the fun, and then check out some of the other lovelies that have linked up!  {Remember, you don’t have to actually be from the south to join us!  And your post doesn’t have to be brand new!  Recycle some of those older posts!}

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